Wednesday, March 03, 2004


My least favorite Oscar acceptance speeches contain the phrase, "it's been a long journey." Something about the phrase rings oddly false to me. Nonetheless, I am hard pressed to find any term more suited to the endeavor I intend to chronicle here.

I recently came into posession of a book entitled, This Book Will Change Your Life by Benrick. The book is a year long map for changing one's life by performing a task per day for the next year. Today, my first day along the Benrick path, the specified task is to replace the word "Hello" with "yo" and to tripple tie my shoelaces.

Some of the tasks are quite difficult, or dangerous, or expensive, or illegal. I therefore will not be performing every task exactly as directed by Benrick, but I am confident that I can live up to the spirit of every day's activities.

Tomorrow I will report on my success, or lack there of, with today's task, and I will detail the new day's task.

So, I invite you to join me on the journey I've just struck out on.

Even if it sounds pretentious.

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