Thursday, March 04, 2004

Report: Day 1 

Well, day one of the brand new Sooner is officially under my belt. I don’t feel particularly changed, but I figure I’m going to have to give this some time. After all, I still have 364 tasks to go.

I note for the record here that greeting library patrons at the reference desk with a hearty, “yo” was more fun than even I thought it would be, though it did raise the eyebrow of my new boss.

And triple tying my shoelaces kept them very secure for the entire day. I didn’t have a single retie. Not one. In fact, I’ve triple tied my shoelaces again today. So I guess I have already changed my life in some small regard, now that I think about it.

Today’s task is to look at everyone I see and wonder if that person is the one true love of my life. I’m then directed to act in consequence.

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