Monday, March 22, 2004

Report: Day 19 

Today I was called into action for my government. Benrick was very specific about the nature of the mission. At precisely 1 p.m. I was to go out onto the corner and wave at the gray car, which would stop, pick me up and whisk me away to the rendezvous where I would get further instructions. Then I was to rip the page out of the book and eat it.

So I did just as Benrick instructed. At exactly 1 p.m. I went out onto my corner and I waved at every gray car I saw. None of them stopped, though many waved back as if they recognized me but couldn't quite place me. I think the confusion comes from the failure of Benrick to specify which corner I was to stand on. I was on the North West corner, but it could just as easily have been any of the others.

So I waved at every gray car for like a half hour and then I went inside to eat the book. Only, again, I don't want to damage my book so I made a photocopy to eat, which I shredded and thought I would garnish a salad with, but I was still a little hung over from killing the wine the day before so I got a little queasy about Fear Factoring the page. Later that evening, however, I steeped the shreds in a cup of tea and sent the soggy paper bits down the garbage disposal as I watched a team of Super-Spys rescue Dixon's daughter on Alias.

Today is poetry day. I'm to contribute a line of poetry to this.

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