Friday, March 05, 2004

Report: Day 2 

Ok, Day two and I’m still feeling like my old self, though as instructed I gazed at everyone I came into contact with, wondering if that person was the one true love of my life. The exercise was rewarding, if not entirely life altering.

I stared longingly at the Fed-Ex guy and I was naturally fascinated by the street cop who stopped traffic so I could cross the street this morning. His handlebar mustache and rain slicker lined with reflective tape were totally engrossing. I wondered if that was a quality I wanted from the one true love of my life. The commanding use of a whistle and the daily use of a gun belt.

I smiled beguilingly at the janitor emptying my trash and I blushed brightly when my smile was returned by a law review student jostling her hair. Was she looking at me and wondering if I was the one true love of her life, or was she simply being polite?

I lingered a little with my favorite law student as he wished me good morning on his way to a study carrol. Was he my favorite law student because we were destined for each other? And I practically swooned when that red headed boy asked me where he could find Collier on Bankruptcy. And don’t get me started about the girl with the braids, ok?

Despite all of that, the person I looked at most today was a co-worker, her station directly across from mine. From time to time our eyes would lock, and even though her mouth was saying “that lady can’t wait? Because I tell her I have-ah-somebody at dah desk? She can’t wait two minute? I tell her I fix it, I tell her I know it’s busted, I tell her she have to wait because I have-ah-somebody at dah desk!” I know her heart was singing to me. And it was singing something by Celine Dion.

So, in accordance with the directive to “act in consequence” I decided I couldn’t let it go. I approached her.

“You naughty minx!” I said. “I can see you looking at me across the room. And I know what it means.”

She looked up at me over the top of her glasses. Her mouth was agape just a little and she seemed startled. Perhaps she didn’t think me bold enough to confront her about what was happening between us. Perhaps she was a little frightened by the directness of my inquiry. “Oh,” she said saucily. “I no have time for this crazy making. I busy, ok? Brian, I busy now.”

I keep rolling her words around in my mind. “Brian, I busy now. Brian, I busy now.” What will the future hold for us? I can’t say for certain. But I know I’m in for quite a ride.

Today I’ve got to throw something that I like away. Wish me luck on this one.

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