Saturday, March 27, 2004

Report: Day 24 

I arrived at work for barter day with a ziploc baggie full of useful items from around my home that I believed would be suitable for bartering. Included in my initial haul were a box of matches, six (6) plastic swordfish, a small figure of a man in a blue suit, a box of ginger Altoids, two (2) teabags (Twinnings Prince of Wales), a small brass padlock with two (2) keys, two (2) moist towellets and a memo stand shaped like a fountain pen.

I bartered the matches right off the bat for a box of raisins which I bartered for a pack of Trident and we all know how much I love gum.

I bartered one plastic swordfish and one teabag for a clock and a battery to power that clock. Then I traded the clock and the battery for a box of Girl Scout Cookies. The Girl Scout Cookies went for a pad of post-its This Color

I tried to explain the barter system to The One True Love of My Life, who was very eager to participate. I don't think she quite grasped it though. Despite my objections I wound up trading her one of the plastic swordfish for two quarters in the most difficult haggling session of the day. Really it was more like buying than bartering, but we just were not connecting. I kept the two quarters in the barter bag for the balance of the day, explaining that the quarters were a matched set, were to be appreciated for their artistry and not their monetary value, and must be bartered together, but I had no takers. One was a Washington quarter, the other a New York quarter. People were much more interested in the less conventional stuff.

I traded one plastic swordfish and the figure of a man in a suit for a very cool ESPN key chain which is shaped like a locking clasp from mountain climbing gear. The key chain went for a CD-rom containing shareware that I can use to make my own greeting cards with clip art and whatnot.

I bartered the box of Ginger Altoids for a stress star which is a little squishy piece of foam shaped like a star that can be squeezed to relieve stress. The stress star went for a pack of mini Oreos which went for a great big peppermint.

I bartered the memo stand for a Hi-C Juice Box (tangerine flavor), which I then traded for a very nice pair of scissors.

So at the end of the day I wasn't too picky about the deals I made, but I wound up with some really great stuff. And as Benrick says I've developed a useful skill in the event civilization should suddenly revert to the Stone Age, so it was a totally productive day.

Today I must come to grips with the things I will never do before I die.

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