Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Report: Day 27 

This was more difficult than I imagined. I decided to keep score, so I carried a tick sheet. Every time I instinctively tried to use the words yes or no I made note of the exchange. Some samples are below. Tallies reported represent the score at the time of the exchange indicated.

Them: Do you know anything about Lexis?
Me: (Long pause) I have some experience with Lexis.

Tally: 7-4 in favor of Sooner.

Them: How was your weekend?
Me: Just fine thank you.
Them: You look happy and pleasant this morning.
Me: Yes, I'm in a great mood. Shit.

Tally: 10-10

Me: So anyway, tomorrow I have to prepare my last meal as if I were on death row and eat it.
Them: Brian, are you inviting me to share your last meal?
Me: Yes. Damn.

Tally: 12-18 in favor of Them.

Them: Did you see Alias last night?
Me: Oui!

Tally: 19-21. Closing the gap.

Them: You've been doing this for a while now, huh? This Benrick book?
Me: (nodding) This is day 27.
Them: Is Benrick specific about how many hours you have to spend doing this?
Me: (long pause) That information is not included in the book.
Them: So, technically you could set a time frame for this, like Day 27 I won't use yes or no between the hours of 8 and 2.
Me: Y--, uh, technically I suppose that's true.
Them: Is this your tick sheet?
Me: (short pause) It is.
Them: Am I reading this right? Are you behind right now?
Me: (exhale) They are winning. You are correct.
Them: Are you tired of me asking you yes and no questions?
Me: Yes. I earned that one.

Tally: 25-31

Final Tally: 31-43 in favor of Them. As the day wore on, I got less and less diligent and soon the gap was just too great. This, of course, means that today I failed. Have I doomed myself? Will I be able to make a complete transformation radical style? I suppose only time will tell.

Today I am supposed to determine my last meal as if I were on death row and prepare it for dinner.

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