Thursday, April 01, 2004

Report: Day 29 

Yesterday I was supposed to dial a phone number at random and read as much of a very long prepared script as possible in a deep southern accent. The script was about Jesus, but when I read it I couldn't help but notice that it didn't say anything about Jesus, it just sort of rambled about him. Here is a sample excerpt.

But sad to say, even though he had done so many miracles, Scripture says, yet when it came right down to is, they didn't believe in him. It's amazing that even his own disciples forsook him -- excpet Mary Magdalene. She stays with him to the end, didn't she? Last to leave The Cross, first to come to the sepulchre. Now, we need to sit here, and we need to ask the question, "how come the men of that generation didn't believe in Christ?"

I decided that I was unhappy with the random aspect of this task and I decided that I absolutely must dial The One True Love of my Life and Benrick with her. (Benrick is my new favorite verb.) So I waited until she was at her desk and relatively unencombered with official working tasks and I dialed her from across the room at the reference desk. "You know, without Christ-uh" I said, "Without Jesus-uh, we have no hope-uh." It was my best televangelist.

"Why?" I continued. "Well-uh, because we know that the standard of God's righteousness is Law, a law ofr th Ten-uh Commandments, a law of statutes-uh and judgement. And which God-uh gave unto Moses on Mount Sanai-uh, saying this is my righteousness, O Israel. But you know, God-uh also gave another law. A law revolving around a system of shedding a poor and innocent-uh lamb's blood-uh..."

Do you know she sat still and paid attention for the entire speach? I read the whole thing to her and fifteen minutes later when I was finally done, and an audience had formed around me at the reference desk, The One True Love of my Life said, "Brian, come over to here. I give you grape. I have the grape for you."

I think I really made a difference in her life.

I am ignoring today.

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