Sunday, April 04, 2004

Report: Day 32 

Yesterday's challenge was very specific. I was supposed to spend the whole day thinking about airplanes, hedgehogs and (I swear I'm not making this up) midgets in an effort to put these items so deeply in my subconscious that I had dreams about them. What Benrick doesn't know is that controlling my dreams is really no problem. Oh, gentle reader. I'm a lucid dreamer.

What does that mean? It means that I am ordinarily aware of my dreams and when they start going in directions I don't like I can control them. As a child I was plagued by nightmares, but a school counselor taught me to control them by reminding me that my dreams are just that. They're mine. And the instant something scary starts to happen, she told me, I can tell that dream to change. That very night I tried it and it worked and I've been doing it ever since.

I felt pretty confident about today's Benrick. However, confidence does not always lead to success, so I enlisted the assistance of LoRo, Peth, and The Admiral. We had a hang and I requested that throughout the evening the conversation revolve around airplanes, hedgehogs, and midgets. Everyone was very accommodating.

"What do hedgehogs eat?" asked LoRo.

"They have those snouts," said The Admiral. "You know, they have those snouts like that. I bet they eat bugs and other pests. And also I heard that in England they just come right into your house from the garden. They just come right in."

"That's right! I heard that too," said LoRo.

"I think we should get coffee to go and then go watch some mile high midget porn and hedgehog exploitation films," said Peth. "I have a couple at home. They're Flame's, but I bet he'll let us watch."

"You know," I added, "as a midget myself I often dream of other midgets. And sometimes when I dream of people I know they are midgets like me. So maybe tonight I will dream of a Midget Admiral and a Midget LoRo. But never a Midget Peth because that would just be too weird." Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. "Too weird."

Last night neither airplanes, nor hedgehogs, nor midgets appeared in my dreams outside of my direct influence, but all made appearances throughout the night.

Today I am supposed to be on the lookout for the paranormal.

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