Thursday, April 08, 2004

Report: Day 36 

Ok, a seven hour shift on the reference desk made this absolutely impossible. In order to make a "radical style" transformation I must be able to fund said transformation. Therefore, I need to keep my job and in order to do so I must speak to people who ask me questions. But as I said when I took up this challenge "radical style," I believe I can live up to the spirit of anything Benrick places before me even when it is not possible for me to live up to the literal directive.

So I made the following alterations to say nothing day. First, I changed it to say nothing that is not essential day. This meant no small talk, no chitter chatter, no gossip, but it still permitted me to respond to questions and interact with the patrons and my superiors. Second, I changed it to say nothing that is not essential for the duration of my work day. Which means from the time I arrived 'til the time I left I Benricked. After that, the Benricking was done.

This was very difficult as I love the sound of my own voice. The dulcet tones of my voice are very soothing and pleasing to me. Sometimes, I talk just to hear what I might say and even if I'm saying nothing, I still feel stimulated, relaxed, and focused when I hear me. I believe, further, that even if other listeners are unaware of the benefits of hearing my voice, they still receive them, so I make every effort to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with me hears me. It's a public service in my view. A way in which I give back. One of many.

This challenge was made all the more difficult by the unexpected appearance at the reference desk of a former co-worker. We'll call him "B. Strawes Manservant" for my protection. B. Strawes has never once spoken a word to me. Never once. But he arrived here early for a meeting on campus looking very dapper in his tweed and walked straight up to my desk and attempted to make small talk. On the one day when I'm not a small talker. What are the odds?

I really feel like I missed out on an opportunity with B. Strawes. I always wondered what was going on with him when he would chit chat with a soda can. He remains a mystery for me to solve.

In the mean time I post for you the text of an email that was circulated around the library yesterday.

Is anyone interested in going to Yasmeen's for lunch today around noon? K---- and I are going, and I spoke to S------ and she can't make it. Brian is at reference at that time but he's taken a Benrick induced vow of semi-silence today- so I'm not sure if he'd want to go today anyway.

I feel like they're starting to really get to know me.

Today is eat and run day.

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