Saturday, April 10, 2004

Report: Day 38 

By a remarkable happenstance, spend some time in church day fell right on Good Friday.

I am not terribly religious, but The One True Love of my Life is. I asked her if I could go with her to mass at lunch time and she happily agreed. She looked over the top of her glasses, stuck out her finger, and said "If you late, I go without you."

I considered myself warned.

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I presented myself 10 minutes early. "I'm here," I said. "I'm not only on time, I'm early."

The One True Love of my Life looked at me like I was a lunatic. "What you talk about? You Early!"

She is a writhing mass of contradictions. So very alluring.

On Good Friday you get to do the stations of the cross. Did you know? I didn't. We followed the priest around the sanctuary as he read to us about all fourteen. "And lo they spake unto themselves saying, I wish I'd stretched before coming unto the various stations of the cross because all this kneeling is working my thighs thusly."

After our workout we returned to our seats for the Lord's Prayer. I was sitting alongside the One True Love of my Life, naturally. The following was overheard.

"Our Lord Hav-fen. Hay-lo name. Kingshon come. Win done earth shone hay-ven. Gish us bread. Frogish us trays-passes for temptation."

I only giggled a little and never when the priest was looking at me.

Today is learn to speak Swedish day.

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