Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Report: Day 42 

I believe that Benrick presupposed a sunny day when this task was introduced. However, the weather here has been anything but sunny. It has rained more or less constantly for two days now. It's springtime after all. We're supposed to have a good dousing. It is the way.

I checked the forecasts and it quickly became appearant that the rain was not going to let up so took off my shirt (gratefully acknowledging my foresight with regard to the undershirt), I peeled off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pants. Then I marched right past the other librarians and outside where I crossed the street and climbed the stairs to the Norman Samuels Plaza a large grassy area on campus. I stood there for a moment digging my toes into the wet grass. I brushed my stringy wet hair out of my face and experienced the grass on my bare feet. Well, the mud and the grass.

I could see my breath and I was beginning to feel like this:

So, I pulled my feet out of the distinct foot prints I had created with a wet suction sound and I headed back to the law school. The janitorial staff silently, but visibly, cursed me as I tracked mud and rainwater through the lobby of the law school into the bathroom where I stole an entire roll of paper towels and then through the library to my office.

I gently tamped my brow dry and then tried to scrape some of the dirt off my feet with a paper towel. I finally resigned myself to being wet and dirty for the balance of the day so I wrestled my socks back on and sat at my desk, marinading in my own juices.

Today I will make a proper diary entry about my day. Just like Winston Churchill used to do.

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