Friday, April 16, 2004

Report: Day 44 

Today was defy superstition day. I gave myself an extra five minutes to get to the bus this morning so that I would have plenty of time to step on every crack along the way. Yes, I generated a few odd looks, but it's worth it if my life is completely transformed radical style, right? I looked like Jack Nicholson in that movie with Helen Hunt. You know the one.

At the law school, there are a great number of very high ceilings. This requires the maintenance people to have on hand at all times a very tall ladder. I hit the door and instantly began searching for it. It was my hope that a lightbulb would be out or something and I'd hit upon somebody changing it out and then I could walk under the ladder. I searched high and low, but I did not hit upon the ladder. I thought briefly about damaging a lightbulb and calling maintenance, but then I decided against it.

When I got home, I went across the hall and knocked on the lesbians door. They have a black cat. "Hello, J------. How are you? Listen can I cross the path of your cat?"


"Just do me a favor and get your cat and put her out her and I'll, you know, try and cross her path."


"I'm defying superstition."


"Is the cat at home?"

"You're a very strange neighbor."

Today is romance day.

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