Friday, April 23, 2004

Report: Day 51 

It was senseless day which means that I was supposed to spend the entire day without using my sense of sight. As I have mentioned before, I love Benricking, but I must keep my employment in order to support my Benrick habit, so spending the entire day in a library without the use of my eyes was simply impossible.

I therefore came up with a compromise. An eye patch. By wearing an eye patch I could be senseless on just the right side which would facilitate my Benrick task while simultaneously permitting me to work for the man without too many hassles.

It went fairly smoothly, but what I hadn't anticipated was the number of times someone asked me if I was alright. "What happened?" "How does the other guy look?" "Conjunctivitis?"

My standard response became, "I lost a bet," which seemed to satisfy most concerned patrons. My co-workers, however were not fooled.

"Is this Benrick?" they would ask. "Never mind, I don't want to know."

It is very difficult to read with only one eye. I bumped into my fair share of objects and occasionally I would reach for something only to have my hand close before I realized I'd missed it entirely. I got dizzy occasionally. When I got home I had a mild headache from eye strain.

Fashion was an interesting challenge. The strap of the eye patch does all kinds of unsightly things to your hair. And I tried briefly to wear my glasses over the patch, but that just proved il-conceived. And when my hair fell in front of my face I was blinded, so I applied gel at lunch.

Today I must discover the meaning of life.

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