Sunday, April 25, 2004

Report: Day 53 

Yesterday I returned all my junk mail. Benrick suggested I do this by writing "return to sender attn: (fictious name)" in an effort to cost the sender money in that their resources would be wasted tracking down the fictious name. I thought that this was an excellent idea, but it was incomplete. Some of those junk mail providers may have very small staffs and if there are only 4 people working there then they'd know right away that Ms. Princess Cruise does not work there. So I set out to cost the junk mailer's actual money.

I spoke to a postal representative about the situation and he told me that if I put the word "refused" on the mail I wanted to return, not only would it be returned to the sender, but the sender would be charged postage for the return.

So that's exactly what I did.

No, I thought to myself, I do not need anything from Pottery Barn. I refuse your offer for a new Visa card! I have no equity, so I have no need for refinancing!

It was very gratifying.

Today I am counting my farts to ascertain whether I pose a particular danger to the ozone layer.

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