Friday, April 30, 2004

Report: Day 58 

This one was also a little difficult. I wasn't entirely sure that I had a skill worthy of the generations. I solicited opinions. Some said I should pass on my obvious skill for heavy drinking. Some said I should teach my descendents to complain loudly and often. One even suggested I teach my descendents how to answer reference questions. "And this is the A.L.R. which is different from the Am. Jur. we reviewed yesterday."

But what you may not know about me is that I'm quite an accomplished calligrapher. I'm always hand drawing wedding invitations for royalty and my fingers are forever stained from stray ink splatter. Sometimes, when I was in law school, I would take my notes in calligraphy just for fun. I'd set up my leather desk set in the lecture hall and warn my colleagues seated around me that because these modern desks do not have ink wells they must be very careful around my ink pot or we'd have a huge mess. My classmates were patient if not thrilled with my constant requests for the prof to repeat himself so I could properly capitalize his exact wording and switch back and forth between a broad tip and a fine tip.

So I guess that's what I'd pass on.

Today I will discover whether I'm psychic.

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