Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Report: Day 62 

My apologies for the brief interruption. I hope this hasn't queered my life changing potential.

Anyway, last Monday was circle day. I started the day with a big stick of sidewalk chalk and a length of yellow rope tied in a loop in my pocket. Both would prove essential. I altered Benrick's instructions just slightly in that I only used circles when I actually stopped moving. I only drew circles when I was outside. When inside I used the rope in my pocket to form a circle for me to stand in when I was still.

This was very difficult to do in that it involved a great deal of awareness of my physical location and movement from place to place. As most of my Monday was spent inside I had to remember to take my rope with me when I moved about and I had to be careful not to step out of the circle when I was relatively stationary. I found myself limiting my movement more than I though I would for sheer economy.

I didn't really like that day.

Today I will attempt to break a world record.

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