Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Report: Day 70 

Yesterday I took the Benrick test to determine whether I am a psychopath. The test consisted of a series of questions which I answered with a numerical value. Once I'd answered all the questions if the sum of my responses was greater than 40 I was instructed to turn myself over to the police immediately.

Perhaps you would like to play along and see if you're a psychopath too, yes?

OK. I will list the Benrick traits and if you possess them not at all, score 0. If you possess them all the time, score 4. If in between score appropriately. My scores are in parentheses.

1) Glibness / superficial charm (2)
2) Grandiose sense of self-worth (2)
3) Tendency to boredom / need for stimulation (4)
4) Pathological lying (1)
5) Cunning / manipulative behavior (3)
6) Lack of remorse (0)
7) Shallow affect (monotone voice, blank expression) (0)
8) Lack of empathy (0)
9) Parasitic Lifestyle (0)
10) Poor behavioral control (2)
11) Promiscuous sexual behavior (2)
12) Behavioral problems early in life (0)
13) Lack of realistic long-term plans (0)
14) Impulsiveness (3)
15) Irresponsible behavior (1)
16) Failure to accept the consequences of actions (0)
17) Many marital relationships (0)
18) Juvenile delinquency (0)
19) Callousness (0)
20) Criminal versatility (1)

My total was 21 which means I'm a little more than half way to psychopath. Where are you, Sunshine?

Today I will see more of the world.

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