Saturday, May 29, 2004

Report: Day 80 

Oh, friends. This one was a challenge. Benrick wanted me to begin filing down a wooden piece of furniture and sprinkle a little of it on my food for the next 20 years. I am committed to a radical style change, but I am not a lunitic. A splinter in the soft lining of my esophogas? That would put a radical style medical procedure in my future. So I improvised.

I started with polenta which I shaped into a rectangle. Then I put a little garlic and oil over it. I grilled it to cook it through and help it keep its shape. Then I wrapped it in a sheet of pasta and placed it on a plate. I put a little pesto on the sheet and then I put a second sheet on, being careful to fold down the top just so. I finished it with two raviolis which I used as pillows. Then I floated my polenta bed in a red sauce and sprinkled on some parmesean cheese.

It was delicious.

Today I will celebrate nature.

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