Sunday, May 30, 2004

Report: Day 81 

Benrick has a very unconventional definition of celebrate. The specific assigned task was to lure a fly on to the Day 81 page and then smash it into the book. This celebration of nature involved destroying a little part of it. Sort of like celebrating independence day with a few nuclear detonations. Also it would have soiled my book.

So, I celebrated nature by declining to shower and walking around barefoot all day. Yes, my hair was a mess, but that was its natural state. Yes, I was a little smelly, but it was a natural musk. Yes, the natural waxy buildup in my ears went unchallenged and unremoved.

It was really very liberating and I discovered I had tons of extra time. And I cannot help but constantly evaluate the fact that if I spent less time everyday trying to avoid offending you I could get so much more done. This fact is not lost on me.

Today I am sitting in the lotus position for thirty minutes.

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