Thursday, June 03, 2004

Report: Day 85 

I think it was lovely. It was my original plan to have my logo put on a red balloon for releasing purposes, but the company I hired to do that did not get the balloons I ordered back to me in time, so I printed out a couple of logos on paper and put my email address on the back.

I took Bevin to the nearest party supply store and bought 2 red helium filled balloons. We tied my logo on to the string making them official Soonerverse balloons. Then we took one each over to a median in the center of Route 3 in Clifton, New Jersey, very near the Party City.

"Are you ready?" Bevin asked?

"Wait!" I responded. "I want to say a few words first."

"Well hurry, Brian," she said, "It's gonna rain any minute."

I took a deep breath and said, "We release these official Soonerverse balloons, these emmisaries of the Soonerverse, with the expectation that they will travel far and kill nothing." And on a three count Bevin and I released the balloons into a thunder storm.

We watched them until we could not see them anymore, enduring the jeers of the Jersey motorists who were passing by.

"God speed, Soonerverse balloons," whispered Bevin. "God speed."

Today I will travel to the wrong side of the tracks.

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