Friday, July 02, 2004

Report: Day 114 

I know I've been a little behind in updating; we've recently had a number of co-workers leave and it's been much busier at work. However, I have been Benricking and I will fill in the blanks.

Last night I received the following in my email.


My co-worker, Sara, in an effort to learn the difference between midgets and dwarfs googled midgets. In the search results was found your Sooner journal referencing your request to be admitted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest midget. She was then intrigued and read more, interested in what you are doing. She then forwarded the link to me, Laura, for my viewing enjoyment. I must admit we spent the better part of the morning reading your journal. At times we laughed so hard we cried. I just wanted to write you and thank you for contributing to our delinquency from important tasks such as looking busy and answering phones. This is the most I've been entertained all week. Thanks for your steadfast commitment to this project. I look forward to reading of your future experiences.

Love from Salt Lake City, UT,

It was very nice to receive. It was on my mind as I set about yesterday's task. This was my response this morning.

Oh, Laura.

I was so delighted to get your email that last night when I was Benricking I Benricked in honor of you and Sara.

My task was to tattoo a banana, so I tattooed your names into the banana. I wrapped your names around the fruit like a barb-wire bicep cuff. The Laura/Sara banana is holding up well and is resting on my bar. I pledge not to eat it but to let it rot and then compost it, returning it to the earth in honor of you.


Today I am experimenting with siesta.

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