Monday, July 19, 2004

Report: Day 129 

Benrick's specific direction was to assess my blessing's scientifically, so that involved another Benrick quiz.  For each listed blessing there was a score to go along with it.  Once I'd tallied my score I found out my level of blessing.  I reproduce the quiz for you here so you can play along.  The first number are the points for having that blessing, the second is my total.
Are you alive?  10/10
Are you in good health?  9/9
Do you have a partner?  7/0
Do you have regular sex? 6/0
Do you have children?  3 per child/0
Do you have a roof over your head? 5/5
Can you feed yourself and your family?  5/5
Do you have a steady job? 3/3
Are you free from racial or sexual discrimination?  5/5
Is your country currently at peace?  6/0
Is your country well away from any geological fault lines?  6/0
Are your parents still alive?  4/4
Are you still on speaking terms with them? 4/4
Have you found God?  3/0
Have you found yourself?  2/2
Are your bowel movements regular? 8/8
Were you born into one of the richer social classes?  5/0
Are you a born optimist?  6/0
Are you a born pessimist?  -6/-6
Do you have a sense of humor?  +1 if you said yes, +4 if you said no/1
Sooner's Total = 50. 
According to Benrick if you score more than 40 points you are luckier than 90% of the human race.  I'm scientifically very blessed.
Today I will write a letter to a local newspaper. 

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