Sunday, July 18, 2004

Report: Say 128 

I wish I could have tried a mangosteen as was suggested by the charming and witty and often hairless Zaziel.  However, my local market did not carry such an interesting and tempting fruit.   Instead I bought two fruits I'd never tried before.  The peppino and the kiwano.  Then I invited Bevin and Haywood over to try them with me. 
First the Kiwano.   Also known as the African Horned Mellon, which is particularly unusual as it originates from New Zealand.  It is a very dramatic fruit as this image indicates.  We sliced it open and instantly Haywood was out.  "Um, I'm not eating that.  No offense." 
Bevin and I were a tad more adventurous.  We took spoons and dug in.  The look of the fruit was deceptively pulpy, when in fact all our spoons could take away was the gelatenous sac around each seed.  It felt like snot in my mouth, but tasted remarkably like cucumber.  It wasn't all unpleasant, but it wasn't something I would ever eat again.  Bevin reported liking the tartness of the fruit.  This is a review of the Kiwano that I very much agree with.  However, I can't imaging spending time reviewing fruit when not Benricking. 
Second, I tried a peppino fruit, which I have been unable to find a photo of.  It was about the size of a small plum and egg shaped.  It's skin was ivory with purple stripes running throughout.  It smelled wonderful.  Vaguely tropical like artificially scented sun tan lotion.  However, it also tasted like artificially scented sun tan lotion.  The flesh was firm and had a nice bite but the flavor  of ass filled my mouth and I was none too pleased.  Neither was Bevin.  Haywood, appearantly not as put off by the appearance of the Peppino, nevertheless declied to taste it, especially after I reacted so badly.
Today I will count my blessings.

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