Friday, August 06, 2004

Report: Day 147 

By the end of the day I hadn't gotten around to attempting to change someone's mind, so with opportunities rapidly dissipating I wound up on my bus ride home needing desperately to Benrick.

I saw a likely candidate coming down the aisle. She looked haggerd and tired and her arms were full of heavy looking things. She went for a seat and I went for the Benrick.

"Um, ma'am? You don't want to sit there."

She considered me for a moment. "Why?"

"The cushion is lumpy. Besides, you have something of an obstructed view. That man is very tall and it's difficult to see through the windshield through him."


"Also, there were a couple of kids making out in that seat a few minutes ago. They just got off at the last stop. But not before they got off in that seat."

Changing her mind, she took another seat.

Today I will leave notes on windshields.

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